Life is one big adventure when you’re expecting a new baby, but pregnancy can also be hard on your body. Pregnant women often suffer from aches and pains. With limited medication options during pregnancy, it’s common to worry about what’s safe.


Headaches, backaches, and foot pain are just a few of the most common problems women face when they’re expecting. One popular alternative to traditional medicine is chiropractic treatment. In this post, our chiropractic care team at Twin Cities Chiropractic in St. Paul talk about whether chiropractic care is safe for pregnant mothers.


How Safe is Chiropractic Care for Expectant Mothers?

Chiropractic treatment involves manipulating the spine and joints to give patients relief and increase their health. It’s completely natural to worry about taking on a new medical treatment when you’re pregnant. However, chiropractors have specialized training when it comes to caring for pregnant women.


In fact, chiropractic treatment is completely safe for pregnancy. Typically, chiropractors are able to combine both traditional chiropractic methods and techniques aimed at improving comfort and health for a healthier mother and baby.


Benefits for Mother and Baby

Chiropractic care can be highly beneficial for both the pregnant mother and the child she is expecting. Our chiropractic physicians will speak to the expectant mom to discuss the issues she’s having an assess any existing health conditions.


We can help with the following issues:


●        Reduce back pain

●        Reposition baby before delivery

●        Spine alignment to help with intrauterine constraint

●        Minimize headaches


What Kind of Training Do Chiropractors Have?

When chiropractors undergo specialized training to work with pregnant women, they learn all about working with the special needs of pregnancy. This helps to ensure that the expectant mother is as comfortable and safe as possible while protecting her baby as well.


The organization overseeing this training, known as CACCP training, is the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association. When chiropractors are members of the ICPA, they are specially qualified to treat women during pregnancy. Adding Webster certification to their credentials means they have additional training on correcting pelvic balance among pregnant women.


Minnesota Chiropractic for Pregnant Women

When you’re pregnant, you can get so caught up in taking care of your unborn child that it’s easy to overlook your own care. With help from our professional care team Twin Cities Chiropractic, you’ll have the relief you need to focus on what’s important.


To learn about our treatment options during pregnancy, call our chiropractic team at 651-224-1921. Or contact us on the web to schedule your appointment.