Nobody wants to think about getting into a car accident, but the truth is, it can happen to anyone, even if you’re incredibly careful. One of the most common auto injuries is whiplash, and it’s also one of the most painful.


If you’ve recently been in an auto accident and you’re trying to get back to normal, whiplash can be incredibly frustrating to heal from. Fortunately, chiropractic physical therapy can offer significant relief during the recovery process, which helps you heal faster. In this post, our team of chiropractic physical therapists at Twin Cities Chiropractic Physical Therapy break down everything you need to know about whiplash.


What is Whiplash?

Whiplash is an injury most commonly associated with automotive accidents, due to the specific type of movement that causes the injury. Whiplash usually occurs from the force of instant acceleration to deceleration involved when a vehicle impacts or is impacted by an outside force.


This causes a very specific hyperextension-hyperflexion injury, which takes place when the neck suddenly jerks out of position. Even minor car accidents can create a profound jerking motion due to the physics that occur at the time of the crash. This jerking motion can cause the discs in your neck to become displaced. If whiplash is not treated, you can end up with an injury that lasts a lifetime.


Symptoms of whiplash include:


●        Base of skull headaches

●        Tingling and numbness in arms

●        Upper back pain

●        Shoulder pain

●        Dizziness

●        Muscle spasms

●        Difficulty concentrating


How Whiplash Occurs

In order to understand the biomechanics of whiplash, it’s important to understand the natural shape of the cervical spine. In its natural shape, the spine should curve in a C shape. However, within a half-second of the impact, the lower cervical spine extends backward against the upper spine, which flexes forward.

Although the impact takes only a split second, it can cause you serious pain because it moves both your upper and lower cervical spine outside of their normal range. This can end up causing injury to your ligaments, as well as to your cervical discs.


Twin Cities Chiropractic Physical Therapy for Whiplash Recovery

If you’re suffering from whiplash due to a recent auto injury, we can help. The physical therapy team at Twin Cities Chiropractic Physical Therapy offers a wide range of therapeutic support services to get you on the road to recovery fast. We can create a personalized plan using a combination of traditional chiropractic, physical therapy, and massage.


We will work with you to restore range of motion and help you get the pain relief you need. Speak with a member of our Twin Cities physical therapy team at 651-224-1921, or contact us to schedule your visit.