If you’re recovering from an injury or suffer from an ongoing muscle or joint issue, your doctor may recommend physical therapy. Physical therapy treatment can work to restore range of motion and ease chronic pain conditions like arthritis. At Twin Cities Chiropractic, we offer a complete range of physical therapy in addition to our chiropractic treatments to help you on your path to healing.


If you’re in need of physical therapy, there is a possibility your insurance may cover your treatment. Here’s what you need to know about health insurance and physical therapy.


Health Insurance and Physical Therapy

If your physical therapy is deemed medically necessary, it’s very likely that your insurance will cover your treatment. Some of those conditions may include muscle pain such as myalgia, arthritis conditions like osteoarthritis, and chronic pain from injury, surgery, and more.


We can work with you to restore range of motion and balance while offering a comprehensive treatment strategy focused on personalized therapeutic goals. We also offer massage and manual therapy treatment. Additionally, we provide a full range of chiropractic services.


Which Insurance Plans Do We Accept?

It’s a good idea to make sure your treatment plan is covered if you’re unsure. If you’re receiving treatment under worker’s compensation or auto insurance, we’ll work with your policy to help you on the road to healing. We also accept most insurance policies. If you’re not sure if your insurance carrier is covered, contact us, and we’ll be happy to see how we can help you.


We accept all of the following policies:

●        United Healthcare

●        Preferred One

●        Blue Cross Blue Shield

●        Medicare

●        Ucare

●        Medica

●        Health Partners

●        MNCare

●        MA


Working With Your Insurance

Insurance companies typically cover acute conditions and those that have been physician-referred, but it’s important to talk to your provider and find out. Some conditions may not be covered or may only be partially covered.


For example, if we are considered a specialist or outside of your network, your insurance policy may only cover part of the treatment. Likewise, you may be required to pay a deductible. We can work with your insurance to find out what you will pay out-of-pocket to minimize any surprises down the road.


Contact Twin Cities Chiropractic Physical Therapy

Whether you’ve been injured on the tennis court or you’ve got a work-related injury, we offer a wide range of chiropractic and physical therapy services to help you start feeling better. We also offer care for conditions like migraine, vertigo, and TMJ.


Come in and speak to our caring and professional chiropractic care team to develop a plan of action that leads to better health. Connect with our Twin Cities physical therapy team at 651-224-1921, or contact us to set up your appointment.