Chronic muscle pain can be unbearable if it goes untreated. It can interfere with your job and your enjoyment of life. There’s little more frustrating than not being able to enjoy time spent with your family because you’re in pain. Conventional medicines can help, but the road to recovery runs much deeper.


If you’re suffering from muscle pain, our chiropractic and physical therapy team at Twin Cities Chiropractic Physical Therapy can help. Here’s how we can create a customized exercise plan that helps you get your life back from muscle pain.


What Causes Muscle Pain?

Muscle pain can be caused by a number of things. It’s tempting to assume your muscle pain was caused by an injury, but that’s not always the case. Muscle pain can also be caused by tension in your body, overuse of a muscle, stress, or even an illness or infection. Muscle pain can also sometimes persist long after an injury is mostly healed or after you’ve recovered from surgery. Rebuilding your strength and range of motion is crucial to defeating muscle pain.


How Exercise Helps With Pain

If you’re in pain, you could be forgiven for not wanting to move at all. After all, when your body hurts, your muscles stiffen up, and the thought of exercising can be unpleasant. However, exercise is actually good for your muscles even if they’re a little sore. That’s because it helps you to strengthen them and restore blood flow and range of motion.


Creating a Customized Exercise Plan

Now that you’ve decided to add exercise to your ice pack and medication routine, it’s important to realize that you shouldn’t just jump right into CrossFit. You need to make sure the exercises you do are targeted toward helping your body heal. You also don’t want to risk adding an additional injury to your body. That’s why it’s a good idea to have a professional physical therapy expert guide you through stretches and exercises that are customized to help your body heal.


Your customized exercise plan will help with the following:

●        Relieve muscle aches

●        Allow you to work at your own pace

●        Increase flexibility

●        Build strength in target areas


Customized Care from Twin Cities Physical Therapists for Chronic Pain

If you’ve been suffering from chronic muscle pain, it’s time to take control of your body and health. We understand that every person’s body is different, and take your pain seriously. Our sensitive team will listen to your concerns and help you create a plan that works for you.


Whether you’re recovering from an injury or you’ve got pain from overuse, we can help. Connect with our Twin Cities physical therapists at 651-224-1921, or contact us to schedule your appointment and get started on the path to good health.