After you're in an accident or sustain any type of injury or even suffer the consequences of repetitive stress on a body part, you just want the pain to subside. Not to mention, you want to use that body part like you did before. Fortunately, physical therapy with Twin Cities Chiropractic, serving St. Paul and the surrounding area, can assist.

1. What is physical therapy?

Physical therapy is a branch of medicine that focuses on the movement and function of your body parts. The individuals who perform this type of medicine are known as physical therapists, and they help patients by guiding them through special exercises designed to enhance strength, reduce pain, and increase function and range of motion. Often, physical therapy helps prevent a loss of movement. It's even possible to use physical therapy to prevent injury in the future. Sometimes, physical therapy patients suffer from a chronic or acute condition that can benefit from specialized, guided exercises.

2. Why should you see a physical therapist?

Besides the fact that physical therapy helps to heal and prevent injuries, it's a beneficial option for other reasons too. For instance, it's all natural. You don't have to worry about invasive procedures or harmful, potentially addictive medications. Additionally, physical therapy works with your body, so you don't experience extreme pain and discomfort during the healing process. All the exercises the physical therapist guides you through enhance in difficulty based on your progress.

3. How long does physical therapy take?

This answer varies from patient to patient. One of the main factors that affect the length of your physical therapy is your particular injury. Another main factor that affects the duration of your physical therapy is the severity of your injury. Generally, our physical therapist discusses your condition and the expected course of action. Then, you receive an estimate of how long you should need physical therapy for before you heal. This is only an estimate. The actual length of your physical therapy program could take more or less time based on your progress.

4. Does insurance cover the cost of physical therapy?

A few different factors determine if insurance will cover the expense of your physical therapy. For instance, it depends on your insurance company and the type of policy you have. Some insurance plans cover physical therapy after an accident or serious injury but not for minor injuries or as preventative medicine. Your insurance may cover the entire expense of your physical therapy, but in some cases, insurance only covers a partial amount and you have to cover the remaining expense. We help you contact your insurance company and figure out the part of the visits you're responsible for paying.

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