The holiday season adds plenty of joy, celebration, and fun to your life but it can also bring with it some stresses as well. Trying to cram all the holiday preparations, parties and decorating into an already busy schedule means that some people find themselves foregoing things that they usually schedule on a regular basis. For example, you might find yourself skipping your gym workouts, canceling an appointment to get your nails done, or begging off a weekly gathering with friends. One thing you shouldn't do is push your chiropractic visit to the bottom of your to-do list and here's why:


Decrease Stress

Whether you love the holiday season or find yourself wishing it would be over quickly, chances are you'll find it stressful at some point. Feeling tension in your neck, back, and shoulders is a classic sign of stress. So, too, are headaches. Taking pain relievers only mask your symptoms without getting to their cause. Visiting a chiropractor like Twin Cities Chiropractic and Rehabilitation helps address this tension, so it doesn't interfere with your holiday preparations or your fun.


Address Travel Pain

For many people, the holidays mean traveling to visit family and friends in faraway places. This could mean that you're stuck in a car or plane for hours on end. You also might have to sleep on a bed or sofa that is not as comfortable as your own. Spinal issues could be the result and give you a great deal of discomfort and pain. Visiting the chiropractor both before and after your trip can help you travel more comfortably.


Alleviate Seasonal Affectiveness Disorder

With all the cheer and goodwill swirling around this time of the year, it can seem paradoxical to feel sad. However, that's exactly how many people who have Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) feel. Also often referred to the winter blues, this depressive state is thought to be caused by the seasonal changes that the Twin Cities area experiences. You can help guard against it by keeping your nervous system healthy and address any muscle spasms that might occur.


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