For patients dealing with back pain, studies show that early back physical therapy can reduce back pain, reduce the use of pain medications, lower the cost of care, and improve patient outcomes. In fact, for certain types of back pain, heading to a physical therapy chiropractor may be just as effective as surgical intervention. If you’ve sustained a back injury or you’re dealing with a sudden onset of low back pain, then heading to your chiropractor for physical therapy may be better than going on pain medications or going through painful injections of surgery.


The main goals of physical therapy are to reduce pain, provide education on how to prevent further problems with back pain, and to increase overall function. What can you expect from a physical therapy program for your back pain? You’ll have both passive physical therapy and active exercises, and both work together to reduce pain and increase function.


Your physical therapy chiropractor will use passive physical therapy modalities to work on reducing the pain from your back injury. This may include using ice packs or heat packs, ultrasound, a TENS unit, or iontophoresis.


Along with those passive therapies, you’ll also be taught active exercises to help rehabilitate your spine. For most patients, this includes a combination of:


●        Stretches: Simple stretches can be taught, such as hamstring stretches, to alleviate pain in the lower back.

●        Strengthening Exercises: These exercises work to increase the strength in your back muscles, stabilizing the low back. This includes core muscle strengthening as well to improve ab muscles, which reduces low back pain.

●        Low-Impact Aerobic Exercises: For long-term pain relief, engaging in low-impact aerobics like swimming, walking, water therapy, or biking can prove helpful.


For many patients, the thought of undergoing surgery for their back pain is scary. Using pain medications long term can also be a dangerous way to treat a back injury since it doesn’t get to the root of the problem. Early intervention with back physical therapy proves so beneficial because it not only helps relieve the pain, it also helps improve function so patients can get back to their normal lives once again. If you’ve experienced a back injury or you’re dealing with new back pain, give us a call at Twin Cities Chiropractic at 651-224-1921! We have a strong, knowledgeable, and experienced team that is ready to lead you back to health.