Unfortunately, back pain is a common occurrence for many. In fact, according to the American Chiropractic Association (ACA), half of all working Americans complain of back pain each year. Moreover, experts project as much as 80 percent of the population will have back pain at some point throughout the duration of their lives. Back pain derives from a wide variety of reasons ranging from chronic health conditions to injuries to certain lifestyle habits.


1.     Degenerative Discs
As you age, your body goes through a series of natural changes. For instance, the discs in your back begin to breakdown, which is known as degenerative disc disease. You also begin to lose fluid in your discs.

2.     Herniated Disc
When you have a herniated a disc, your injury causes the contents of a spinal disc to seep out. It irritates the nearby nerves and tissue, possibly causing pain, numbness, and weakness. The numbness and weakness may radiate through your back and extend down your arms or legs in some cases.

3.     Overworking Your Back
Although it sounds simple, overworking your back muscles is a common reason for back pain. If you're lifting heavy items frequently and improperly or are just moving your back constantly, you're bound to experience pain in your back.

4.     Poor Posture
If you sit slouched over a computer or other device all day for work and play, you probably have poor posture. You're putting a great deal of stress on your back when you don't sit up straight. Poor posture tends to affect your upper back and shoulder muscles.

5.     Sleeping on Your Stomach
Sleeping on your stomach seems innocent enough, but it puts excess pressure on the joints and muscles in your back. When you sleep in other positions, your spine remains elongated and aligned with your neck.

6.     Unsupportive Footwear
Even if you buy the latest tennis shoes every time they come out, it doesn't mean you're selecting the most supportive pair. You want a pair that supports your arches adequately. Unsupportive footwear puts stress on your body whether you realize it or not. That's why after a long day of walking in the wrong footwear, such as flip flops, you might experience pain in your knees or back. Those who spend a great deal of time in high heels may notice back pain at the end up of the day as well.


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