Sitting at your desk all day can cause back pain and make you irritable. Having a sitting-centric job can be as unhealthy as other poor habits, so it’s important to protect your body from years of idling. Your back is particularly exposed to these dangers, and it can take some damage if you’re not careful. If you work at a desk, take advantage of the following tips. Spare the back pain, and protect your spinal column over the long run.


Do Low-Impact Aerobic Exercise

First, you should exercise. Specifically, you should do low-impact exercise. By strengthening your lower back muscles, you’ll experience fewer, less-intense lower back pain episodes. You’ll also decrease your lumbar spine’s stress. Pain-fighting endorphins, too, can decrease your overall pain levels.


Don’t Hunch

Hunching can do long-term damage to your back. Rather than hunching forward, lean back. Or, purchase a chair with spinal support. Don’t overstretch your spinal ligaments, as the year-to-year damage can harm your overall stature.


Keep Your Monitor at Head Height

If your monitor is too low, you’ll instinctively hunch to see it. Avoid the awkward angle, and make sure your screen is level with your face. After a few years, a slight hunch can turn into a problem. You don’t need to drastically raise your monitor’s height, either. Just lift it enough so your eyes are even with the top of your monitor.


Stretch Every Twenty Minutes

Every twenty minutes, get out of the chair. Take a lap around the office, do neck rolls, do shoulder rolls or do twists. If you can, turn your lunch break into a gym break. You’d be surprised how much a few breaks can help, especially when you’re using them to exercise.


Have an Eight-Hour Limit

Studies suggest that spinal health is directly correlated to work environment alteration. Even if you’re standing every twenty minutes, you shouldn’t be in the same environment for over eight hours. Once you’ve hit the eight-hour mark, give it a rest. Stand, if you need to, but don’t neglect your life’s other aspects.


Remember: You work to live. You don’t live to work. Your back might be okay now, but it’ll suffer intense damages if you’re sitting from year to year. Get up, get out and make sure your schedule is filled with unique, active options. Take care of your back, and your back will take care of you. If you're in need of chiropractic care, visit us at Twin Cities Chiropractic. Schedule your appointment today at 651-224-1921.