After you injure a part of your body, you hope for a speedy recovery, so you can get back to living a normal life. While you wait days, week, months or even close to a year, depending on the injury, you may feel like your injury is healing slowly. This may be because not all injuries heal in the amount of time specified by the doctor. The slow healing time isn't just unfortunate luck; it stems from something you're doing or not doing


1. You're Not Exercising it Enough 

Even though it hurts, you need to do simple exercises for the injured area. You don't want to go too hard and put too much strain and stress on the area, but moving it helps blood flow to the region, which encourages healing. If you don't move it, the injury may heal wrong and require a more invasive procedure to correct how it healed. 


2. Improper Nutrition 

Your body requires certain nutrients to recover from an injury. For instance, vitamin C plays a key role in the formation of new connective tissue during the wound healing process. Vitamin C forms collagen, which is necessary for healing and tissue repair. Vitamin A helps with cellular reproduction, which is needed for new tissue to develop. It promotes collagen synthesis as well. This vitamin decreases the risk of infection, and an infection has the potential to slow down the healing process greatly. To support recovery, you need enough B vitamins. Vitamins in this complex are required by the body for cellular growth. They're also needed for movement, so if you don't have enough, you won't be able to move properly to encourage the healing process even further. Vitamin D stimulation the production of a chemical in the skin that promotes healing. You might be receiving too much vitamin E, which has the potential to slow down the healing process when your body has too much of it. Zinc might be a micronutrient, but it has a macro effect on the healing process. It's necessary for more than 300 enzymes in the body. Additionally, it has a part in many functions that are necessary for tissue regeneration and repair such as cell division, protein synthesis and DNA synthesis. The mineral copper aids in forming red blood cells. It works with vitamin C to create elastin in addition to strengthening connective tissue. 


3. Not Sleeping Enough 

Your body produces hormones while you sleep. Growth happens while you sleep. Without enough sleep, this isn't going to happen, so your injury will take longer to recover from. 


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